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VETSbiz Services and Products

Solution Automation & Optimization – Services and Product Page

VETS team can develop and implement custom applications

VETS team members are industry certified in ITIL automation processes

VETS has built custom automation Tools to reduce cost, time and complexity

VETS Simplifies implementation with Custom Programming and Scripting

VETS Enterprise Architects and Consultants will strategically evaluate business and optimize new technology solution

Data Management & Migration – Services & Product Page

VETS can perform all types of data migration: SAN (block), NAS (file), Content (Restful), Legacy MF and Centera data migrations

VETS team can help identify the important data, applications and interdependencies of the data and apps in preparation to migrate the data

VETS can help identify dark data and archive eligible data to ensure only the data that needs to be migrated gets migrated

VETS can help identify the systems that need remediation to ensure the data path is secure

VETS can perform remediation on the current IT systems that are involved in the migration.

VETS provides testing & validation of the migrated data

  • Complete migration audit, error handling, and cut over to the new systems

VETS utilizes industry-based software tools to automate the migration process and cutover from the source to the new target system

Data Analytics – Service and Product Page

VETS team has experience and capabilities to help organizations complete their data analytics projects from beginning to end.

VETS team can help organizations make use of their data.

VETS can provide leadership, training and support to find people that understand data science.

VETS team has member have delivered many Analytics Projects:

  • Tax FWAC Detection, Medicare FWAC Detection, Auto Insurance FWAC
  • Enterprise Performance Management: Analyzing 100 Lines of Business
  • Healthcare Coordination of Benefits, Billing, Income Verification, Efficiency
  • Energy Analytics: Data Acquisition, Workflow, Situational Aware of Expert Systems, Digital Asset Preservation

Cloud Transformation – Services & Product Page

VETS can help guide organizations to chose the proper Cloud architecture and help ensure it is a secure cloud environment

VETS can help design and lay out the data and applications in all types of cloud environments to ensure:

  • Data Governance and Compliance data are safe guarded
  • Data is stored in the proper location reduce unnecessary costs 

VETS have experience with Cloud transition issues and will work with the Cloud provider to facilitate a successful cloud environment. VETS can: 

  • Help identify which applications are eligible to transition to the Cloud
  • Ensure all applications integrate correctly with one another
  • Help transition apps to the cloud through re-platforming as necessary
  • Ensure Cyber Security is enabled between all environments

Cyber Security

VETS knows that what is needed is Better Security, no More Security. We provide this by:

VETS Cyber Security products can help you maintain secure handshakes across your entire infrastructure, from the data center to the edge, including laptops, mobile and IoT devices

VETS Cyber Security products help you stay informed:

  • Capturing and monitoring data from each infrastructure device
  • Informing you of anomalies in the system with a powerful, single view of the entire system

VETS Cyber Security will shrink and isolate the attack surface to prevent access to the organizations systems and data.

  • PCI card enables the movement of the attack surface
  • VETS enable’s secure management of the entire deployment

VETS cyber security solution is a combination of both hardware and software.

  • A PCI card enables the movement away from the attack surface

VETS provides embedded firmware to managed security across all devices

  • Complete visibility of secure systems
  • Secure Boot, utilizes unique software tools to automate the secure boot process.
  • Audit and Reporting on secured systems

Enterprise Storage Infrastructure

VETS can help you define and architect the best storage infrastructure for your enterprise systems and data. 

VETS team has a very broad and deep set of Storage Infrastructure skills

  1. Dell.EMC, HPE, Hitachi, Netapp,
  2. SANS, NAS, Object
  3. Data Migration, Data Replication,
  4. Back-up, Disaster Recovery

VETS has a close partnership with BFC Data to provide industry best Secure Storage Resource Management

  1. Single view of all data storage
  2. Scale to capture and analyze system data
  3. Complete Auditing and Reporting
  4. Storage Modules include
    • Capacity
    • Configuration
    • Performance
    • Cloud
    • Analytics

VETS core capabilities surround storage and all elements included. Let our experts ensure your storage environment is safe, sound and secure.

  • Data Replication for Disaster Recovery
  • Back-up and Restore Software
  • Vets Cyber Security systems to prevent Enterprise hacking.
  • Secure Boot, utilizes unique software tools to automate the secure boot process.