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Vetsbiz Frequently Asked Questions

  • First, VETSbiz has proprietary tools for the discovery of applications and data and their dependencies
  • Next, VETSbiz IT certified enterprise architects will conduct health checks  and remediations on the data path to ensure precise results
  • Finally, VETSbiz will provide the testing, process, go-no meeting, and ultimately the successful cutover to the fresh new system
  • VETSbiz tools can identify data that can be archived to reduce the volume of the migration
  • VETSbiz applications will identify dark applications to be sunset and the proper data to be archived
  • VETSbiz IT senior engineers will identify data governance and/or compliance issues
  • VETSbiz professionals will identify & utilize the proper tools for the systems and data to be migrated
  • VETSbiz is experienced in properly estimating the size of the data pipe and the number of servers to be migrated
  • VETSbiz can accurately size the processing requirement on the source array or system
  • VETSbiz process ensures communication with the business side on outages and migration events
  • VETSbiz process enables the proper required permissions be obtained for cutover events
  • VETS can assist in your transition to consumption of cloud services, be it Platform, Infrastructure- or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Vets can help with Office, Exchange and Sharepoint migrations to Office 365  
  • VETS team can update monolithic application architectures to better align with cloud resources and redevelop applications for the Restful interface.
  • The VETS team has the process, tools and products to speed system deployment
  • VETS custom tools provide a complete audit trail of each systems deployment
  • VETS will dramatically cut the time and cost necessary for these projects
  • VETS team can help provide a secure migration to a cloud environment including Office 365
  • VETS can assist various providers having different security requirements
  • VETS security solutions are available to cloud, hybrid cloud, IoT, & Data center.
  • The VETSbiz cyber security solution is currently in development and incorporates a paradigm change is Cyber Security
  • VETSbiz can update old cyber security that is based on layering software protections of systems with new Cyber Security incorporating hardware and software
  • VETS security solutions are available to cloud, hybrid cloud, IoT, & Data center