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VETSbiz PSC Codes

Mathematical and Computer Sciences:
Applied Mathematics
Foundations and Logic
Numerical Analysis
Computer Sciences
Computer Programming
Computer and Information Sciences (General)
Design, Development, and Application of Computer
Capabilities to Data Storage and Manipulation
Information Sciences and Systems
Systems Analysis
Electrical, Electronic, Power D302 IT and Telecom- Systems Development
D303 IT and Telecom- Data Entry
D305 IT and Telecom- Cloud Computing: SaaS, IaaS
D306 IT and Telecom- Systems Analysis
D307 IT and Telecom- IT Strategy and Architecture
D308 IT and Telecom- Programming
D309 IT and Data Broadcasting or Data Distribution
D310 IT & Cyber Security and Data Backup, Includes: Information Assurance, Virus Detection, Network Management, Situational Awareness and Incident Response, Secure Web Hosting, Backup and Security
D311 IT and Telecom- Data Conversion
D314 IT and Telecom- System Acquisition Support, Includes: Preparation of Statement of Work, Benchmarks
D316 IT and Telecom- Telecommunications Network Management
D318 IT and Telecom- Integrated Hardware/Software/Services Solutions, Predominantly Services Value
D319 IT Annual Software Maintenance Service Plans
D320 IT Annual Hardware Maintenance Service Plans
D325 IT & Data Centers and Storage, Includes: Data Center Consolidation, Modernization, and Transformation; Enterprise Resource Planning; Data Center Design 7010 Information Technology Equipment System Configuration
7020 Information Technology Central Processing Unit (CPU, Computer), Analog
7021 Information Technology Central Processing Unit (CPU, Computer), Digital
7025 Information Technology Input/Output and Storage Devices
7030 Information Technology Software
7035 Information Technology Support Equipment
7045 Information Technology Supplies
7050 Information Technology Components K025 Modification of Equipment- Vehicular Equipment Components
K059 Modification of Equipment- Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components L059 Technical Representative- Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components
L060 Technical Representative- Fiber Optics Materials, Components, Assemblies
L061 Technical Representative- Electric Wire and Power Distribution Equipment
N070 Installation of Equipment- Automatic Data Processing Equipment (Including Firmware), Software, Supplies and Support Equipment

R425 Support- Professional: Engineering/Technical, Includes: Systems Engineering, Technical Assistance, and Other Services Used to Support The Program Office During

The Acquisition Cycle
R612 Support- Administrative: Information Retrieval, Includes: Services Related to Search and Storage of Text, Images, Video, and Other Such Data